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& Legacy

We have specially curated a workshop for families called: Profit & Legacy

As families expand and mature, goals and values inevitably become more diverse, and building a shared vision for the future and reconciling inevitable conflicts become increasingly difficult, if not impossible.

Giving you definitive results in strengthening family ties and begin charting your family legacy. Together.

We facilitate the thinking space for families in family businesses to co-create a culture of the collective and co-evolve towards their sustainable success as families in family businesses.

Challenges in growing the family business include: The inability to reconcile differing goals, needs, and values of each family member; getting stuck in creating the next level of business; the next-generation’s lack of hunger and drive to be successful, entrepreneurial business leaders due to inherited security/wealth; and the inability of family members working in the business to compromise, talk things through and coordinate their action through shared commitments.

  • Has your family become a mere sub-set of the great business started by the original Founder/ Business Owner? If so, is that an intentional or a coincidental outcome?
  • How do you create family alignment for sustained business success where each family member feeds the success of the others?
  • How can the family’s re-alignment result in better business?

This Profit & Legacy (P & L) Workshop’s face-to-face facilitated process will give each participating member of the family business an opportunity to co-create a shared vision and a great opportunity to build sustainable success for the future.


A Family Business

It is pivotal for all successful founders/business owners and their family members working in the business who are committed to co-creating a shared vision. This is an essential step towards building sustainable success for the future in the already successful family business.

Our family has its own mission statement and a set of core values just like our company does. We regularly re-visit these values, discuss them at family meetings, and then refine them. And they have helped keep us close knit and made our working life far more straight forward.


Deputy CEO, THP Group, VIETNAM & Author of Best-Seller, “Competing with Giants”

Even though my business is successful, and I have loyal employees, I used to wonder why there were certain areas we were not able to improve on.

After attending the workshop, they started to use the tools and strategies that they have learnt and apply directly to their work. Instead of thinking and acting as individuals, they think and act as a collective. The small persistent problems that have been around for years get resolved very quickly and they are able to work openly together with a shared commitment towards resolution.

One division which took on focussing on teamwork was even able to surpass their sales target within a short time. One big result from attending this workshop is that my sister and I who have been working together for many years, were able to openly clarify our unmet expectations and unsaid commitments, and as a result, we have strengthened both our work and personal relationships.

I am excited that The Business of Family program is now being offered for families members in business. I recommend this to every family member in a family business who is committed to having a thriving business and creating a legacy that lasts for generations.



People used to be fighting to prove their idea, their point, their suggestion. I tend to have to chose one side finally & there were always a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’.

Now I am able to push people to reconsider from Company level and re-discuss in order to come out with new ideas after discussing amongst themselves so there is no longer any winners or losers. I provided a safe space for them to reengage from Level 4 and to practice collective focus.

At first, the team struggled to re-adjust their listening level and I am now connected to the experience that people have reached to a new space, a space which we as company can be creative to draw on and build something we want to make it happen.


Managing Director, BFE, MYANMAR


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