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    Welcome to Thriving in the
    Age of Disruption Podcast

    Dr. Ramesh will discuss the essential mindset and skills needed to survive and thrive in today’s age of disruption through a series of Asia-centric interviews, compelling stories, tips and thoughts focused on the key themes of entrepreneurial mindset, communication, collaborative management, crisis resilience, moving family businesses from good to great, mainstreaming women in leadership and decision making, spirituality and living a simple life.

    Join Dr. Ramesh’s extensive network of fellow entrepreneurs, social and corporate leaders, academics and inspiring women leaders in Asia to take deliberate steps to living meaningfully and powerfully.

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    You too can have the essential skills, freedom and time to do what you love, whether it’s starting your own business, driving the family business, building a social enterprise or working for others in a small local business or leading large multinational corporations. Dr. Ramesh is a respected and sought-after coach who will generously share business and life lessons together with her extensive network of Changemakers and fellow entrepreneurs, social and corporate leaders, academics and inspiring women in Asia.

    Fundamentally, it’s about shifting from thinking and performing at an individual level to engaging at a collective level, to discover how you can create value not just for yourself as an individual but also in your family, business and community groups and to expand that toward making a larger, lasting impact universally.

    Our listeners are business professionals and entrepreneurs, both young and old, seeking insights and answers to create the change needed in themselves and others. If you know, or are yourself a Changemaker – Reach out to Dr. Ramesh to make a connection and share your ideas to improve the lives of individuals and communities.

    • Are you confident to navigate change and transition roles effectively?
    • Can you clearly define what success and failure mean to you?
    • Are you able to bounce back from failures?
    • How can we live a simple yet fulfilling life?
    • What is your legacy to leave the world a better place?

    Dr. Ramesh

    Dr. Ramesh has founded and run multiple businesses in the Asia Pacific region and has successfully raised millions in venture funds. She is recognized by “Asiaweek” as one of Asia’s most influential women, featured as one of the emerging breed of entrepreneurs in Singapore (Singapore Saavy – 50 Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow) and is also named a notable woman barrier breaker in the book Barrier Breakers – Women in Singapore, by Shelley Siu. She is also an author, ICF accredited PCC coach for business executives and currently runs Talent Leadership Crucible, an Asia-centric consulting firm specializing in corporate culture change with programmes on entrepreneurial acumen, leadership mindset, and holistic thinking Dr. Ramesh is a Singaporean, born in Columbo and educated in Singapore, Australia and the US. She currently lives in Singapore with her daughter.
    Dec 24, 2021

    An Entrepreneurial Mindset for Success:
    Dr. Kevin Cheong (Part 1)

    Facing mortality as a teenager needing life-saving brain surgeries after a biking accident and surviving cancer in his beloved wife, Kevin shares his journey to becoming an industry leader in tourism and destination development across Asia, in addition to mentoring the third generation in the family business, founding a successful tourism and destination consultancy and shaping tourism education and Covid-19 recovery in Singapore. Be it succeeding at a corporate career, engaging teams or starting businesses, Kevin shows you how an entrepreneurial mindset coupled with crisis resilience empowers him to adapt and thrive in his many roles, despite the surprises and life throws his way.
    Jan 7, 2022

    Growing the Family Business Pie:
    Dr. Kevin Cheong (Part 2)

    Kevin shares tension points in trans-generational legacy in the succession planning for the third generation to grow the family business. How do you ensure the new emperors and kings of their own little kingdoms are not complacent but hungry to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills and mindset to develop trophies for themselves? We’ll also get personal with Kevin in conversation about what spirituality means to him.


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