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At Talent Leadership Crucible, entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks to enrich the stakeholders

Click to watch a series of videos on entrepreneurship by Dr.Ramesh Ramachandra, the author of “The Big Jump into Entrepreneurship”.

Our eDNA (entrepreneurial-DNA) workshops are hands-on and interactive learning experiences and the curriculum includes three modules:

  1. Think: Whole Business 
  2. Decode: Entrepreneurship
  3. Start: Sustainable Success
Think: Whole Business
Decode: Entrepreneurship
Start: Sustainable Success

Whole Business

Finance is the language of business. To be effective, a manager or leader needs to understand how their everyday decisions on the job impact others in the organization and the bottom line.

About this module:

  • A unique business simulation game.
  • Proven to advance the participants’ business acumen through stealth learning.
  •  Gives a profound understanding of how money flows through a business.
  • Financial literacy in a whole business context. 
  • Simulation complexities are tailored to clearly show the big picture of the business and the industry it operates in.

In this business simulation, participants are able to connect to the relevant, real-world dynamics of business; by focusing on the fundamentals of a business while gaining a big-picture understanding, they will be able to identify immediately what they can do differently to create different, desired results and take this back with them to their workplace.

20 Learning Key Points:

Balance Sheet / Fixed Assets vs Current Assets / Liabilities: Loans, Payables, Taxes / Shareholder Equity: Capital Stock, Retained Earnings / Income Statement / Depreciation / SG&A Expenses / Operating Income (EBIT) vs. Net Income / Financing / Difference Between Cash and Profit / Direct & Indirect Costs / Payables and Receivables, Credit Terms / Working Capital / The Impact of Inventory Build-Up / Importance of Cash Flow / Planning for Profit / Improving Business through Cost-Cutting / Improving Business through Expansion / Improving Business through Pricing / Triangle of Key Ratios; Uses and limitation of ratios


This module was developed by Talent Leadership Crucible’s founder, Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra who has trained thousands of people from Singapore to North Korea on how to develop one’s entrepreneurial skills to start and run a business. She authored “The Big Jump into Entrepreneurship” in 2002 to capture the critical pathways in an entrepreneur’s journey.

Participants will start to embrace the entrepreneurship mindset in all areas of life and learn to map out the necessary steps to start their own business, or review the decisions they take as an investor, employee or retiree for an entrepreneurial advantage.

The entrepreneurial mindset is a vital part of leadership and performance in today’s disruption-led world.

About this module: Participants will be able to

  • Assess their own entrepreneurial readiness.
  • Be clear of what the entrepreneurial mindset is, and to be able to leverage on this in all areas of their life.
  • Clearly map out the necessary steps to start their own business. 

Poorani Thanusha shares on why taking ownership is the access to sustainable success.



This module is designed for people to create the capacity and capability to operate at a higher level by understanding the system one uniquely exists inside of and how best to leverage the conditions and boundaries that exist.

In this module:

  • Participants will begin to differentiate the mental models that keep them either in sustaining or surviving modus operandi that impact current and future performance. 
  • When they understand their Business-As-Usual mode of management, they will gain an access to create and build on new and flourishing partnerships. 
  • They will be able to clearly and effectively navigate the accelerated challenges and changes in a Volatile-Uncertain-Complex-Ambiguous (VUCA) world.

At Talent Leadership Crucible, we believe that once there is clarity about the key factors of sustainable success, you can start to build a business that lasts and fulfils on the legacy you want to create.



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