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Scenarios For Leading

While individuals and teams understand the need to be purposeful while operating within the increasing complexities of the world; in reality, there is a tendency to focus and work on the parts versus working on the whole. Some of these parts include work, relationships, goals, expectations, the socio-political environment and the impact on the quality of life.

The ability to engage in scenarios is part of a futures-thinking skill that is essential in navigating the complexities in today’s business world. As participants and their teams explore and engage in the various futures ahead, they start to generate choices that are aligned to their vision and values in fulfilling the various goals. 

Building scenarios:

  • Will engage thinking from the whole together and, in turn, 
  • galvanize the team into action with 
  • vision and passion 
  • towards sustainable success. 

The whole is always greater than the sum of the parts and this module equips you with the skills of coordinating to fulfil on the shared future.

“We define sustainability as the ability of a system to continue working (and evolving) over the long term. Whether that system is a company, a national economy, a school, the atmosphere-climate system, or one’s own body, there exists a set of conditions and boundaries that define whether or not the system will be able to keep going and developing positively, or whether it is likely to suffer some kind of shock, decline, or even collapse. – Alan Atkisson

Our Vision:

Our vision is every person knows their collective self and are fulfilling their potential. Our mission is every family and family business has collective advantage as their fundamental building block towards sustainable success.

Our Promise:

Expanding Awareness

Elevating Actions

Exhilarative Accomplishments.


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