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The Collective
Advantage ™

Established in Singapore in 2013, Talent Leadership Crucible is an Asia-centric consulting firm specializing in shifting people from performing at an individual level to engaging at a collective level to produce the results that count for them, the organization and the future. We call it The Collective Advantage ™. We have three tracks to our practice, namely;
Corporates (can be from private or public or civil society sectors for work with their professionals and teams on their productivity and performance)
Families (includes private and business families for work on their future together) professionals and teams on its productivity and performance)
Individuals (who want to be skilled in areas like entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation management communication, self-leadership as well as to be able to align their life and purpose)

Dr. Rameshwari Ramachandra

She is known for her straightforward coaching that creates clarity and forwards action for people to fulfil their commitments.

Ramesh provides executive coaching and individual consulting to executives and board members to extend their leadership in moving their organizations through change and expansion.

She is skilful in conflict resolution and succession issues to create a sustainable future and legacy for families businesses. She is the author of The Big Jump into Entrepreneurship and handbooks in Enterprise Development in North Korea.

As an early dotcom entrepreneur, Ms Ramachandra has been recognized as “one of the most influential women in Asia” by Asiaweek and was also named a notable woman “barrier breaker” (Barrier Breakers – Women in Singapore). She holds an MBA Monash University and is currently pursuing her Doctorate at the Singapore Management University.

Her research is on creativity/innovation of professionals working in family-owned businesses. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). ™.


Poorani Thanusha

She is known for her mindful facilitation that offers choice and control in resolving recurring and overwhelming situations that people face.

Having also worked with thousands of individuals with diverse backgrounds all over the world, Poorani is as skilled working one-on-one as she is with large groups. Poorani’s current focus is working closely with senior management teams to produce a systemic change of organizational culture for sustainable success called THE COLLECTIVE ADVANTAGE ™.

Poorani appreciates and understands the unique challenges and strengths of family in business and over the years has identified the key factors for sustainable success for families in business in today’s challenging environment and complex future.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science, History, Philosophy) from the National University of Singapore and she completed a pioneering course on Leadership for Sustainability at the United Nations’ University, Japan. She has a Masters in Tri-sector Collaboration, Singapore Management University, SMU.

She is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is the current Vice President of the Singapore Chapter of the Society of Learning Organization.


Eileen Cheng

She is known for her ability to support executives to declutter their thinking so that they can take on clear, precise actions to produce the result.

Besides her role as General Manager, she is also a certified facilitator of a Business and Entrepreneurial Simulation workshop for corporates and business families.

OUR VISIONWhat do we
Stand for?

Our vision is every person knows their collective self and are fulfilling their potential. Our mission is every person has collective advantage as their fundamental building block towards sustainable success.

What others

Even though my business is successful, and I have loyal employees, I used to wonder why there were certain areas we were not able to improve on.

After attending the workshop, they started to use the tools and strategies that they have learnt and apply directly to their work. Instead of thinking and acting as individuals, they think and act as a collective. The small persistent problems that have been around for years get resolved very quickly and they are able to work openly together with a shared commitment towards resolution.

One division which took on focussing on teamwork was even able to surpass their sales target within a short time. One big result from attending this workshop is that my sister and I who have been working together for many years, were able to openly clarify our unmet expectations and unsaid commitments, and as a result, we have strengthened both our work and personal relationships.

I am excited that The Business of Family program is now being offered for families members in business. I recommend this to every family member in a family business who is committed to having a thriving business and creating a legacy that lasts for generations.



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Watch videos of co-founder Poorani Thanusha sharing her thoughts and experience about Space for Thinking and Taking Ownership. For more video and articles, visit Poorani Thanusha's facebook.

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