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  • What kind of legacy is your management team building? 
  • How is the strategic vision being fulfilled? 
  • What is the ideal quality of leadership that fulfils this? 
  • What are the inter-departmental and organizational issues that may get in the way? 
  • Are you or members of your team inside a surviving or sustaining model of relating to each other and the situations that arise?

For effective change and learning, we need to move our unawareness to awareness and ultimately into action. The first challenge is to ‘unlearn’ and thereafter the real learning can start with the beginner’s mind. Such a new mind is achieved when a person has thinking space. Our intention is to create the thinking space for teams to focus on the areas of performance that is critical for the future.

Scenarios For Leading
Tapping The Power Of Team
Engaging Strategy
Designing Innovation
Whole Business Thinking

CEO Khun Somroek Tangpiroonthum of Thai Ha Public Company Limited shares with Dr.Ramesh Ramachandra on how coaching can enhance talent.


What others

People used to be fighting to prove their idea, their point, their suggestion. I tend to have to chose one side finally & there were always a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’. Now I am able to push people to re-consider from Company level and re-discuss in order to come out with new idea after discussing amongst themselves so there is no longer any winners or losers. I provided a safe space for them to re-engage from Level 4 and to practice collective focus.
At first, the team struggled to re-adjust their listening level and I am now connected to the experience that people have reached a new space, a space which we as company can be creative to draw on and build something we want to make it happen.
Now, I see the possibility that something great can be born.



From your current reality
To the desired outcome


To clarify, resolve and move ahead on these and other aspects of an effective, successful management team, we deliver this as an in-house process called The Collective Advantage ™. This process can also be taken as a series of modules when offered as open programs.

Please contact us for a needs assessment. Some of the work we engage in with corporates include areas of focus highlighted below;

AREA 1Scenarios For Leading

Looking ahead and aligning what is next

AREA 2Tapping The Power Of Team

Utilizing communication that works

AREA 3Engaging Strategy

Making effective trade-offs to fulfill the goals

AREA 4Designing Innovation

Harnessing the opportunities for sustainable success

AREA 5Whole Business Thinking

How everyday decisions make or break the business

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